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Big Band Swing - Dancing Music

Big Band Swing.. Rock & Roll Attitude

For fans of music that jumps and swings. Grab this collection of modern day big band swing music from the "Wildman Of The Saxophone" Johnny Ferreira
"King Of The Mood Swings"

"... Devilishly talented saxman. Superb horn work and steaming grooves that will catch  the ears and stir the feet of rock, blues, R&B and jazz fans alike"
- Victoria Times Colonist

1 Dig That Crazy Chick Download Sample
2 Beat It Baby Download Sample
3 I like It Like That Download sample
4 Luscious Lips
5 Lost In The Sauce
6 Do Wah Daddy
7 Slow And Easy
8 Man You're The Greatest
9 Forget About It
10 Let It Go On Me
11 Let's Rock Tonight

Almost 20 years on the road.. and counting!

Johnny has spent most of the last 2 decades touring throughout Europe, Canada and the US. Also an original menber of Colin James and The Little Big Band, opening for, and sharring concert stages with ZZ Top, Robert Plant, The Rolling Stones, Keith Richards, and Stevie Ray Vaughn.

"While touring across North America I managed to find a lot of Louis Prima records and some Louis Jordan compilations, Cab Callaway, and was enjoying what Brian Setzer was doing with his big band... ours was more of a little big band! This is where big band swing meets rhythm and blues."

The Little Big Band was born.

"Count Basie was one of the first, if not the first big band leader to downsize his big band because of the economical touring constraints of the 1940's. The idea was to take one horn from each of the sections; trumpet, trombone, and saxophone together with the rhythm section of piano, bass, drums, and sometimes guitar and singer. The instrumentation was the same as his orchestra but with a lot less horns. This was the birth of The Little Big Band!"

"Most of the songs on this CD are reflective of the big band swing sound. We also covered one of my favorite Louis Prima songs "Dig That Crazy Chick", love the horn arrangements on that."
- Johnny Ferreira

"Ferreira's CD's show him to be a major talent with few at his level in Canada, or in North America for that matter" - Real Blues Magazine

Johnny and group have won several awards over the years including;

  • Horn Player of the Year
  • Saxophonist of the Year
  • Best Swing/Jump Blues band in Canada
  • Best Live Act in Canada
King Of The Mood Swings
"... will catch the ears and stir the feet of rock, blues,
R&B and jazz fans alike"

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King Of The Mood Swings

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I mentioned to someone I work with that I have a thing for swing and for the sax so he gave me this C.D. I tell ya' I didn't know just how much of a thing I had until I heard this. I was instantly blown away. Johnny Ferreira REALLY IS the king of the sax! Now I want more!
- Gwen Oancia, USA

When Rock Really Rocked
If you dig Freddie Bell, Sam Butera and Jimmy Cavallo this CD's for you! It's a non-stop retro jitterbug hop from start to finish - you just can't find this music any more so do yourself a favor and pick it up for your next party!
- Mr. Zuzax, USA

High Energy Swing that definitely makes one want to dance!
If you are ready to dance then get ready! This CD is packed with high energy swing beats. Definitely worth the money. Music that is upbeat enough to turn a cloudy day into a festive mood. Thank You King of The Mood Swings!
- Rita Herrington, Arizona USA

I cant stop dancing!!!
I highly recommend this c.d. to anyone who likes to have a really good time. I received mine about three months ago and haven't stopped listening to it yet. I take it with me wherever I go and am constantly turning people on to it.
- Loraine Leigh, Vancouver Canada



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