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Radio Airplay For Rock & Roll Saxophonist



Released To Blues And Jazz Stations Around The World
Here's who's giving it radio airplay as of May 2008;

Radio Airplay for "Rock & Roll Saxophonist"

Australia, Triple H 96.5 FM Thanks Heather Farrell
... Love it! Am regularly including a track or two in my playlist.

Australia, TripleU Radio Thanks Margaret Gillespie
... love the CD, a pleasure to include on my programs.

Michigan, USA WXOU Radio Thanks Tom Schulte
... You are the new Boots Randolph! Fun tunes.

Moncton, NB, Canada CKUM 93.5 Thanks Yanick M. Thériault
No wonder Colin James sought you out! Wonder if Brian Setzer knows what he's missing...

Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada on CKUW Thanks Rockin' Ronnie
Ä Thoroughly enjoyed Wine Women & Song, Swing That Thing and Dancin' Is Not My Thing. My ears thank you muchly fer yer talent. I do enjoy a musician that goes that little step further to help him help us... RR

Bergen, Netherlands on BRTO Radio Thanks Alex Alex Pijnen
... Fantastic album. Great stuff for our Radio Station... Alex Pijnen

Baffshire, Scotland on KCR 102.8 FM Thanks John Reid
... This is quite simply a terrific recording. The rasping sax playing and the heavy handed honky tonk,boogie woogie, style on the Piano cannot fail to set the feet tapping and conjure up pictures of the Jive. Brilliant! full marks to all concerned. I look forward to Mr Ferriera 's next C.D. Best Wishes, John Reid

Torun, Poland on Radio SFERA –The Voice of the Blues” Thanks Przemek Draheim
Many people think they can play sax in the field of blues but it's not as simple. If you can't wail like Big Jay McNeely or Louis Jordan you should put your sax under the bed. You Johnny CAN PLAY the sax making all my hair (and I have many) stand on it's end. Your sound is raw and powerfull. I like it a lot! I'm sure my listeners will enjoy it as much as I do... Przemek Draheim

Veessen, Netherlands on Radio Heerde Thanks Jan Nederveen
... happy music to cheer you up if you are in a sad mood. It is also good dancing music on a Saturday night. A rivival of the old times of the fifties, with a modern sound. It is not old music with dust on it. No it is not music to listen to on a chair. But now time for dancing....Jan Nederveen

Teaneck, New Jersey, USA WFDU "Across The Tracks" Thanks Dennis Gruenling
... I regularly feature sax recordings from the 40's & 50's on my show, with the likes of Illinois Jacquet, Gene Ammons, Red Prysock, Willis Jackson, etc... and your stuff fits right in there with them. You are definitely one of a small handful of players out there who are really playing this stuff RIGHT! You keep rockin' and I'll keep spinnin'! ... Dennis

Duluth, Minnesota KUMD Thanks John Ziegler
... we dig the new disc here at 100,000 watt KUMD out in Duluth, MN. "Rock & Roll Saxophonist" is getting 3-4 spins a week within our very eclectic mix. Good jumpin' record!!!!!

Skopje, Macedonia Radio 2 94.1 FM "MOJO BLUES" Thanks Vasja Ivanovski
... some serious good-time stuff which dares anyone with brain to stand still! A lot of people try to recreate the sound of the past, but few do it with verve and passion like Johnny! Maybe he lived then and was miracuously transported to New Millenium and make us happy! he's definitely one of the best on today's scene.

Queensland, Australia 101FM Radio Logan Thanks Chrissy Rasmussen
... Love the music

Vilafant, Spain on –Red Hot Blues” Radio Vilafant Thanks Josep Palmada
.. I have liked the cd very much shortly he it will present as innovation inside my program. I have found it a very interesting cd and of many quality. regards and thanks. JOSEP PALMADA

Kingscote, Australia KIX FM Thanks Scott Johnston
.. This CD is fantastic fun. I have had a great time playing tracks from it. The rhythms are tight and the music totally energising to listen to. Vocal work is strong and engaging. A great CD of music really, really worth a listen.

Olympia, Washington, USA KAOS FM Thanks John Ford
... Seriously good bar-honkin' goin' on here-- thanks Johnny!!

Maldon, Australia Highlands 100.7FM Thanks Tony Bates
.. Great sounds from someone who MUST have studied the era well. The whole album emanates that 50's sound and has been so well produced that John should be well and truly pleased with his creation. EXCELLENT!

Queensland, Australia Cairns FM89.1 Thanks Helen Jarroe
John, this absolutely rocks. I have played tracks from this on a Golden Memories programme as well, and the listeners loved it. Many thanks for the opportunity to play and review this great album. We're looking forward to hearing a lot more from you in the future. Thanks and love Helen Jarroe

Connecticut USA WRTC Thanks Bob Parzych
Like the mix of swing and rock.. Playing cuts 1, 7, 9

Netherlands Dutch Coast Radio Thanks Jacques Jongmans
Massive record. Love it and even our listeners want to hear more of this guy

Connecticut USA Upper Room Radio Show Thanks Gi Dussault
We really like John Ferreira's CD here on The Upper Room Radio Show. Really good music. For all music lovers, no excuse to not have this CD right now on your CD players and also no collection is complete without this essential great CD. Again, thanks for the great music.

Trinidad and Tobago Tehilla Radio Thanks Marcus Romero
... Well done, well done.

Montreal, Canada Swing2Jazz CHAI 101.9 FM Thanks Brenda Budd
I love this cd. Reminded me of the style of Louis Jordan with the swinging sax solos. Fun, toe tapping music and nice to see that he is Canadian. The songs are in rotation on the station and I know the listeners are enjoying them. Swing2jazz.com

Nevada City, California USA Radio KVMR-FM Thanks Mudshark
Dude ... YOU ROCK. Keep up the good work. I play your tunes frequently on my show

Australia Radio Huon FM Thanks David Milne
I have enjoyed this CD immensely and have played tracks on my general programs. There has been good feedback. I'm impressed by the excellent original material, the updated but strongly rhythm and Blues based sax work and the good vocals.

Richmond, Virginia 88.9FM WCVE Thanks George Maida
... great disc!

Australia QBN FM 96.7 Thanks Parko Parkinso
... Rockin, sax at it's best. Rocks your socks

Lincoln, Nebraska Net Radio Thanks Dave Hughes

Minnesota, USA, KSRQ Radio Thanks Ralph Bennett
Top-notch performance; we play most of the tracks on this album!

Germany, Radio Umland Thanks Jorg Werner
... very good cd, your music makes me feel happy.

Canberra, Australia Valley FM 89.5 Thanks Robbie Robinson
Thanks for the music John. Some first rate jazz/rock. The CD has received (and will continue to receive, from time to time) extensive airplay on my show, 'Bluetrane'. Kind regards

Apeldoorn, Netherlands Veluwe FM Thanks Harry Boerman
Interesting CD, played several songs several weeks in our show. Listeners like(d)the CD Still playing in our nightly programms. Greetings, Harry.

Atlanta, Goergia USA 89.3 FM Thanks AJ Ketchum
Great Saxaphone licks!

New Zealand , Soundwave FM Thanks Graham J Barclay
The charactor of the music style presented gives this CD a unique feel, with an individual personality presented inside it's contents. Great work, and we sure look forward to hearing from you in the future Kind Regards Graham

Australia, Country Club Productions Thanks Goerge Young
Great work on this disc full of great music.Very saxy,a great sound.One to be proud of. Thank's George Young

Netherlands, Golfbreker Radio 107.2 FM Thanks Bertwin Bijleveld
Over the last several weeks I've been promoting this blues cd in my radio show. I love this cd, it’s a great Album. I play it a lot at home too. Bertwin Bijleveld Blues and friends / The Netherlands


Toronto, Ontario, Canada Bluz.FM on Jazz FM91 Thanks Danny Marks

Kamloops, BC, Canada –At The Crossroads” Blues Network Thanks Brant Zwicker

Quebec City, Quebec, Canada on CKRL FM 89.1 Thanks Michel Dubois

New York, NY, USA on WFDU 89.1 FM –Sounds of Blue" Thanks Bob Putignano

Nanaimo, BC, Canada on CHLY FM Thanks Billie Boy

Toronto, Ont. Canada on CKLN –Lowdown 2 Uptown” Thanks David Barnard

Rochester, NY, USA Jazz 90.1 "The Smart Set" Thanks Charles Benoit

Barcelona, Spain Radio PICA / La Hora del Blues Thanks Vicente Zumel

Fairfield, Connecticut, USA WVDF 88.5 FM"Upper Room" Thanks Joe Kelly & Gi Dussault

Mendocino, California, USA KMFB 92.7/96.7 FM "Eight To The Bar" Thanks Les Tarr

Newcastle, Australia ILR Television & Radio Thanks Sean Ison

Alphen, Netherlands Alphen Stad FM Thanks Joost Van Steen

Portland, Oregon, USA 9.1 KMHD "Friday Freeway Blues" Thanks Steve Pringle

Ithaca, NY, USA WVBR-FM 93.5 "Crossroads" Thanks Miss Emm

Vinkovci, Croatia VFM RADIO 91.6 " Boom Boom" Thanks Krunoslav Markutovic

Brisbane, Australia 101 FM "Honky Tonk Blues" Thanks Henry Prokop

Orlando, Florida USA WUCF, 89.9FM "Smokestack Lightnin " Thanks norman Thompson

Wilmington, North Carolina, USA WRQR "Houserockin' Blues" Thanks Doug Carlisle

Dartmouth, Massachusetts, WSMU, FM 91.1 "Cafþ Blues" Thanks WildBill

Pisa, Italy Puntoradio 91.1 FM "AnimaJazz" Thanks Bruno Pollacci

Mankato, Minnesota, USA KMSU/KMSK blues Thanks Mark Halverson

Montreal, Quebec, Canada CHAI 101.9 FM "Swing2Jazz" Thanks Brenda Budd

Mosina, Poland Jazz Radio FM Thanks Dioni Piatkowski

Erie, Pennsylvania USA WQLN FM "Bop 'n' The Blues" Thanks Al Lubiejewski

Davis, California USA KDVS 90.3 FM "Front Porch Blues Show" Thanks Jeff & Laura

Williamsport, Pennsylvania USA WZXR

Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania USA WQSU

Lewisburg, Pennylvania USA WCXR

Kaneohe, Hawaii, USA BASIN STREET STATION Thanks Bill Grace

Austin & Minnesota USA KMSU/KMSK & the Maverick Radio Network

Dunedin, New Zealand Hills AM Thanks Ros Rice

Tampa, Florida USA WMNF 88.5 FM Thanks Brad Dedmon

Brunswick, Maine USAWBOR 91.1 FM Thanks Mike Halmo

Kodiak, Alaska USA KMXT 100.1 FM "Rollin With The Blues" Thanks Fred Hawley

Orlando, Florida USA WUCF 89.9FM "Smokestack Lightiin" Thanks Norman Thompson

Springwood, Australia 101fm "railwayblues" Thanks Steve Morgan

Germany Radio RheinWelle 92.5 Thanks Rolf Hierath

Netherlands, RTV Nunspeet Radio Thanks Willem Bonte

Australia, TripleU-FM Thanks Harold Ellison

San Francisco, USA, KPOO Radio 89.5FM Thanks Noel Hayes

Gosford, Australia, Coast FM 963 Thanks Bill Dewdney

Bremer, Germany Radio Umland Thanks Joe Kretzschmar-Strömer

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