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Music Licensing


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Swing That Thing - Cool mid-tempo finger-snappin' catchy duet between male and female.

Lost In The Sauce - Up-tempo 40's big band style with fun lyrics sung by female.

Nighty Gown - Sexy and fun with some male/female interplay, big band era style.

Forget About It - You talkin' ta me?... Forget About It!

Beat It Baby - Swingin' hard & fast featuring boogie piano, big horns, & female vocals.

Lusious Lips - Vegas show style intro, so pucker up baby... I want those lips all over me!

You Gimme The Creeps - Jumpin' & Jivin' with lotsa horns and humor... no, this isn't a love song.

Let's Rock Tonite - Finger snappin' & toe tappin'... just might make ya wanna rock tonite.

Dancin' Is Not My Thing - A jumpin' conversation between the boys and the girls.

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Music Catagories:


Cool Blues-Jazz Swing


60's Style Pop Rock

Soulful Love Ballads

Contemporary Adult Pop Rock

Specialty & Novelty



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