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Johnny Ferreira:Blues Piano | Rock & Roll Piano Lessons

Want To Learn How To Play Blues And Rock & Roll Piano Along With Your Favorite Songs?

You can be playing blues piano before you leave this website today!
I've put together 3 videos to show you step by step how to play the most basic blues pattern on your piano.

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But first... welcome to your first blues piano lessons.
Besides being a huge sax fan (obviously) I'm also a big piano fan and it plays a major role in all my music.
I'm fortunate enough to have played and toured with a couple of my all-time favorite keyboard players; Billy Preston and Chuck Leavell. If you don't know these two players, Billy Preston played on a lot of the Beatles songs and Chuck Leavell has been a member of The Rolling Stones touring line-up since 1982.

It's so helpful for any musician to know how to play some piano. As a sax player who writes and arranges music I had to get my piano chops up to a decent playing level. It's easy... all the keys are sitting right in front of you, you just need to learn where to put your fingers! Seriously, it's just a step by step learning process at first.

Meanwhile, if you landed on this page out of the blue and you're wondering "who's Johnny Ferreira?" Click on link to dig a little deeper... also see Live on stage video below.

You'll get some beginner blues piano lessons below and I'll introduce you to a couple courses that will teach you a lot more.
So dust off your old piano and let's get started, who knows, maybe one day we'll be rockin' on stage together!

Here's a couple audio samples taken directly from my new cd Rock & Roll Saxophonist.
The two piano players here are Eric Webster and Graham Guest. These guys are great to work with and have been an ispiration to me and hopefully for you as well.

rockin' piano               funky r&b piano

Okay, that's some pretty good piano playing from a couple advanced players. Look at the 3 videos below of me (just a sax player!) improvising some blues using a couple simple techniques you can learn in just minutes.

Your basic 12 bar blues piano lessons are below!

For my sax lessons on video check out How To Play Saxophone

Live on stage
Rock & Roll Saxophonist
Johnny Ferreira

Here is your 1st 12 bar blues piano lesson
(It doesn't get any easier than this)

Both Hands

Left Hand

Right Hand

Learn both hands seperate untill you can play each part perfect then have fun changing it and experimenting.

I've found tons of courses online that teach all sorts of piano techniques and music theory but this is one that's all meat and potatoes geared to get you instant real song playing results. Guided properly you don't need years of theory and finger execises to play piano. Will it take work and practise? Yes! Will it take years? No!

Piano teachers go through many years of education and training and so when they start teaching their own students they just turn around and teach what was taught to them. There's nothing wrong with that and it works, a lot of students get bored though because they want to play stuff they like rather than boring excersises.

Get on to this and start playing the piano today!


How To Play Saxophone

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  • Includes a jazz piano book for a comprehensive grounding in jazz rhythm and chords.
  • If you are strickly into jazz this course won't take you too far but there is one coming out soon that will be stricly jazz.

    Rocket Piano comes with several bonuses, probably more than most people will even need to be able to play well but it depends how well rounded a player you want to be.

    Bonuses include;

    Ear training course "Perfect Pitch Pro"

    A computer game designed to teach you how to read musical notes (if you don't already know)

    A "Visualization Techniques" course designed to make you learn faster

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